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Australian Rowing History

2017 National Rowing Championships–
Under 21 Women's Coxed Four

Final A






Final A

1st Mercantile - Bow: Annie Anezakis, 2: Ellie Tomanovits, 3: Kirstie Green, Str: Georgie Gleeson, Cox: Adelaide Cester, Cch: Brigette Carlile

2nd Warc - Bow: Siena Zamin, 2: Giorgia Patten, 3: Gabi Morris, Str: Kira Vermeersch, Cox: Andrew Le, Cch: Joseph Tamigi, Chris Holliday

3rd Firbank Grammar - Bow: Jasmine Tait, 2: Thea Allen, 3: Maddie Whitehead, Str: Georgia Thomson, Cox: Lucy Burnell, Cch: Andrew Novak, Alastair Isherwood

4th Loreto Marryatville - Bow: Emily Scutter, 2: Georgina Berry, 3: Holly Ashworth, Str: Hannah Sexton, Cox: Maddie Peisley, Cch: Tom Doornbos

5th Adelaide - Bow: Rosie Barnett, 2: Sophia Nery, 3: Zoe Molloy, Str: Jessie Molloy, Cox: Alannah Gilsmore, Cch: Ron Mobbs, Bryn Coudraye


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