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Australian Rowing History

2017 National Rowing Championships–
Open Lightweight Men's Coxless Four

Final A




Final A

1st University WAComposite-WAIS - Bow: Mario Lo Presti [FRC], 2: Timothy Widdicombe [UWABC], 3: Perry Ward [SRRC], Str: James Kerr [UWABC], Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni, Stefano Balosso

2nd Toowong Composite-QAS - Bow: Jack Price [TOOW], 2: Conor Grace [MUBC], 3: James Waldersee [UTS], Str: Hamish Parry [TOOW], Cch: Keiran Dwyer, Benjamin Southwell, John Smyth

3rd Adelaide University/Phoenix - Bow: D'Artagnan Edwards [PRC], 2: Patrick Ey [ADLUN], 3: Jack Tomich [ADLUN], Str: Mitchell Reinhard [ADLUN], Cch: Daren Potts, Peer Richards


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