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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Club Women's Eight

Final A




Final A

1st Sydney - Bow: Bianca Riley, 2: Brianna Caputo, 3: Romola Davenport, 4: Georgia Bradley, 5: Charlotte Trent, 6: Emily Partridge, 7: Madison Brown, Str: Harriet Hudson, Cox: Millicent Cheetham, Cch: Lachlan Carter

2nd UTS - Bow: Victoria Delipetar, 2: Rose Beasley, 3: Brittany Staniforth, 4: Adelaide Guinness, 5: Kathryn Volk, 6: Monique Heinke, 7: Laura Honson, Str: Kelly Parker, Cox: Rebecca Harrison, Cch: David Gely, Ellen Randell

3rd Sydney University - Bow: Lucie Holden, 2: Kate McGeoch, 3: Esther San Miguel, 4: Saskia Hartog, 5: Rachel Haines, 6: Laura Triggs, 7: Emma Ryan, Str: Alice McLauchlan, Cox: Claudia Lowe, Cch: Deborah Fox, Esther Verburg


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