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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A









Final A

1st Queenwood - Bow: Gabrielle Agnew, 2: Sophie Houston, 3: Ellie Clubb, Str: Ella Mentzines, Cch: Charly-Rose Iron, Adam de Koning

2nd Uni Queensland/Townsville Jcu - Bow: Savannah Ardrey [UniQld], 2: Holly Gall [UniQld], 3: Lauren Smith [TownJCU], Str: Allison King [UniQld], Cch: Michael Russell, Edward Draydon, Rob Hamilton

3rd Somerville House - Bow: Alice Munro, 2: Matilda Moore, 3: Ella Hudson, Str: Hilary Ballinger, Cch: Oleg Shishkin, Warren Rowe

4th Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Isabelle Robson, 2: Maggie Yeomans, 3: Maggie Noonan, Str: Thea Allen, Cch: James Smith, Rachel Saunders, James Hyder

5th Firbank Grammar - Bow: Jasmine Tait, 2: Anna Schuller, 3: Emmie Frederico, Str: Georgia Thomson, Cch: Andrew Novak

6th Melbourne Girls Grammar - Bow: Millicent Perkins, 2: Ella Best, 3: Ella Bennetts, Str: Cleo Faulks, Cch: Sam Ballantyne, Daniel Walford

7th Centenary/Trinity Lutheran - Bow: Phoebe Robinson [Centnry], 2: Lilian Goldie [TrintyLuth], 3: Jenna Bilston [Centnry], Str: Toni Johnson [Centnry], Cch: Michael Opstelten, Peter Wadsworth, Jenny Pemberton

8th Griffith Uni Surfers Paradise.. - Bow: Katherine Plume [Somerset], 2: Claire Buttner [GUSPRC], 3: Jess Scott [GUSPRC], Str: Leukie Smith [GUSPRC], Cch: Kane Ramon, Andrew Butler


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