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Australian Rowing History

2015 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Coxed Eight

Final A



Final A

1st Melbourne Uni - Bow: Olivia Zago, 2: Lucy Jepson, 3: Rachael Caldwell, 4: Phoebe Rennie, 5: Claudia Zucchelli, 6: Hedda Cooper, 7: Bec Joyce, Str: Katherine Michelmore, Cox: Sarah Ben-David, Cch: Michael Steele, Annabelle Eaton

2nd University Of Queensland - Bow: Tyler Ferris, 2: Rachel Reiser, 3: Kate Rowan, 4: Eloise Parker, 5: Sarah Zillmann, 6: Caitlin Cronin, 7: Ellen Pozzi, Str: Miller Ferris, Cox: Caitlin Hockings, Cch: Jirik Haselgrove

Scratched Mercantile Composite-NTCCBR - Bow: Alana Hewish [UniQld], 2: Emily Partridge [UniQld], 3: Amy James [Toow], 4: Lucy Triggs [Adelde], 5: Molly Goodman [Adelde], 6: Madeleine Farrar [ANU], 7: Milly Van den Jeugd [Adelde], Str: Adriana Marulli [Merc], Cox: Jennifer Gilbert [UniQld],     


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