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Australian Rowing History

2015 National Rowing Championships–
Under 21 Men's Quadruple Scull

Final A





Final A

1st Sydney - Bow: Dylan Boakes, 2: Jonathan Hardy, 3: Charlie Patterson, Str: Aidan Sullivan, Cch: Jason Baker, Lachlan Carter, Donovan Cech

2nd Mercantile - Bow: Jayden Grey, 2: Alexander Clarke, 3: Angus Maloney, Str: Alexander Kinsella, Cch: John Saunders

3rd Sydney - Bow: Mitchell Atkins, 2: Nicholas Clifton, 3: Nick Horwitz, Str: Piers Haskard, Cch: Jason Baker, Lachlan Carter, Donovan Cech

4th Leichhardt - Bow: James Kane, 2: Lloyd Conolly, 3: Lachlan Andrew, Str: Michael McCrea, Cch: Kerry Thorn


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