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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Pair

Final B




Final A







Final B

1st Plc Perth - Bow: Keely Atchison, Str: Kailey Creeger, Cch: David Milne

2nd Commercial - Bow: Audrey van Herwaarden, Str: Ane Botha, Cch: Peter Toon

3rd Torrens/St Ignatius Adelaide - Bow: Milly Van den Jeugd [StIgn], Str: Mackenzie Lum [Torrens], Cch: Phil Blesing

Scratched Somerville House - Bow: Rebecca Apel, Str: Suzie Taylor, Cch: Oleg Shishkin, Warren Rowe

Final A

1st Mosman - Bow: Rafaela Stalph, Str: Sophie Deans, Cch: Judith Ungemach, Alfie Young, Adam de Koning

2nd University Of Queensland - Bow: Kate Rowan, Str: Eloise Parker, Cch: Jirik Haselgrove

3rd University Of Queensland - Bow: Tyler Ferris, Str: Miller Ferris, Cch: Jirik Haselgrove

4th Tara School - Bow: Kate O'Gorman, Str: Bridie O'Gorman, Cch: Laura Brienesse, Graham Gardiner

5th Adelaide/Norwood-Morialta High - Bow: Mariah Hatchard [NorwdMori], Str: Georgia Day [Adelde]

6th University Of Queensland - Bow: Demi Pressler-McHugh, Str: Emma Pressler-McHugh, Cch: John Pressler

Scratched Derwent Mercantile - Bow: Katlin Leon, Str: Emma Waldron, Cch: Sam Mollard, Fraser Simpson

Scratched Fremantle/Swan River - Bow: Kate Woodall [SwanR], Str: Samantha Brenz-Verca [Fremntl], Cch: Michael Hinsley, Chris Holliday


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