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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Under 21 Women's Quad Scull

Final A








Final A

1st Melbourne Uni - Bow: Alice Arch, 2: India McKenzie, 3: Jacqueline Brookes, Str: Lucy Trembearth, Cch: Bert Cocu

2nd Mosman - Bow: Serena Cox, 2: Lauren Fornasaro, 3: Rowena Meredith, Str: Lilly Waller, Cch: Judith Ungemach

3rd Anu-ACTAS - Bow: Hillary Salmon Krone, 2: Brittany Staniforth, 3: Cordelia Rentsch, Str: Sarah Davis, Cch: Renae Domaschenz, Andrew Randell, Ben Southwell

4th Sydney Uni/Sydney University - Bow: Yasmin Howes [SydU], 2: Emma Willson [SydU], 3: Kate Arnold [SydU], Str: Madison Brown [SydU], Cch: Esther Verburg, Robyn Geelen

5th Sydney University - Bow: Tarryn Innes, 2: Fiona Ewing, 3: Carina Simpson, Str: Maddison Jones, Cch: Esther Verburg, Robyn Geelen

6th UTS - Bow: Georgina Masters, 2: Adelaide Guinness, 3: Mimi Hall, Str: Annabelle Gall, Cch: Robyn Mackney, Ellen Randell

7th Leichhardt - Bow: Amy O'Reiley, 2: Maine-Maryam Monga, 3: Gemma Viney, Str: Sophie Hopkins, Cch: Kerry Thorn


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