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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Coxless Four

Final A








Final A

1st Adelaide Composite-SASI/QAS - Bow: Caitlin Cronin [UniQld], 2: Sarah Zillmann [UniQld], 3: Eleanor Wilson [Toow], Str: Molly Goodman [Adelde], Cch: Tom Westgarth, Ian Edmunds

2nd California - Bow: Cara Bohmann, 2: Charlotte Siering, 3: Kendall Chase, Str: Aggie Nowinski

3rd Sydney University - Bow: Nicola Metcalfe, 2: Lydia Yerrell, 3: Ellena Winstanley, Str: Madeleine Wallace, Cch: Deborah Fox

4th Melbourne Uni - Bow: Olympia Ward, 2: Claudia Zucchelli, 3: Olivia Honore, Str: Hedda Cooper, Cch: Michael Steele

5th Mercantile - Bow: Adriana Marulli, 2: Rachael Hooper, 3: Katrina Werry, Str: Addy Dunkley-Smith, Cch: David McGrath, David Colvin

6th Sydney University Composite - Bow: Maegan Thompson [SwanR], 2: Ciona Wilson [Tamar], 3: Candice Williams [SydU], Str: India Evans [SydU], Cch: Andrew Edwards, Deborah Fox

7th Uni Queensland Composite - Bow: Kelly Parker [UTS], 2: Leah Saunders [Sydny], 3: Alexandra French [UniQld], Str: Chloe Hill [UniQld], Cch: Ralph French, Ellen Randell, Lachlan Carter


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