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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Open Lightweight Men's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st Toowong Composite-QAS - Bow: Jack Price [Toow], 2: Simon Nola [Sydny], 3: Timothy Widdicombe [UniWA], Str: Tim McDonnell [Toow], Cch: Keiran Dwyer, Tom Morris, Alex Field

2nd Toowong Composite-QAS - Bow: Cameron Fowler [SwanR], 2: Gabriel Cryle [Toow], 3: Jack Armitage [QLD], Str: Hamish Parry [Toow], Cch: Keiran Dwyer, Alex Field, Pete Kupcis

3rd Bucks Composite - Bow: Brendan Longman [Tamar], 2: Wesley Young [Lindisf], 3: Daniel Bloomfield [Bucks], Str: Ashley Reardon [Bucks]

4th Sydney - Bow: Jeremy Anderson, 2: Benjamin Wyllie, 3: Stuart McDonald, Str: Dennis Bernhardsson, Cch: Lachlan Carter

5th Adelaide University - Bow: Gianluca Pompili, 2: Patrick Ey, 3: Cameron Beasley, Str: Hugo Burgin, Cch: Sean Leyland

6th Sydney - Bow: James Gerofi, 2: Joseph Gubler, 3: Dean Robinson, Str: Joshua Taylor, Cch: Lachlan Carter


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