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Australian Rowing History

2013 National Rowing Championships–
Under 21 Women's Coxless Pair

Final A







Final A

1st Sydney University - Bow: Candice Williams, Str: India Evans, Cch: Deborah Fox, Chris Holliday

2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Olivia Honore, Str: Georgina Howe, Cch: Michael Steele

3rd Mercantile - Bow: Didi Williams, Str: Olivia Sibillin, Cch: Tom Abramowski, David Colvin, David McGrath

4th Melbourne University - Bow: Georgia Watson, Str: Katie Michelmore, Cch: Michael Steele

5th Brisbane & GPS - Bow: Sophie Macfarlane, Str: Samantha Sheehan, Cch: Susan Shakespear, Peter Howard

6th Brisbane & GPS - Bow: Rachel Haines, Str: Rachel Madigan, Cch: Susan Shakespear, Peter Hicks

Scratched Adelaide - Bow: Victoria Basedow, Str: Alex Taliangis, Cch: Vicky Spencer


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