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Australian Rowing History

2013 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Quadruple Scull

Final A




Final A

1st Adelaide Composite - Bow: Sarah Perkins [Corio], 2: Jessica Hall [BGPS], 3: Maddie Edmunds [Commrcl], Str: Olympia Aldersey [Adelde], Cch: Jason Lane

2nd Brisbane & GPS Composite - Bow: Johanna Tarrant [QLD], 2: Charlotte Travers [Commrcl], 3: Emma McCarthy [Pine], Str: Eleanor Wilson [BGPS], Cch: Tom Westgarth, Mark Fangen-Hall, Cameron Stephenson

3rd University Of Queensland/Anu - Bow: Emily Caudle [ANU], 2: Jacqueline Williams [ANU], 3: Jenny Krippner [UniQld], Str: Steph Krippner [UniQld], Cch: Kate Borger

Scratched UTS/Adelaide - Bow: Rhiannon Hughes [Adelde], 2: Caitlin McCormack [UTS], 3: Anna McGlynn [UTS], Str: Elizabeth Halsall [UTS], Cch: Ellen Randell, Robyn Mackney, David Gely

Scratched Team China - Bow: xia Liang, 2: xiaoxia Yan, 3: liang Tian, Str: yangyang Zhang, 


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