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Australian Rowing History

2013 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st Mercantile Composite - Bow: William Lockwood [MelbU], 2: James Chapman [Sydny], 3: Joshua Booth [MelbU], Str: Josh Dunkley Smith [Merc], Cch: Thomas Laurich

2nd Canberra Composite - Bow: Alexander Lloyd [Sydny], 2: Spencer Turrin [Sydny], 3: Alexanda Hill [Adelde], Str: Angus Moore [Canbrra], 

3rd Team Usa - Bow: Grant James, 2: Thomas Dethlefs, 3: Thomas Peszek, Str: Michael Gennaro, Cch: Bryan Volpenhein

4th Team Usa - Bow: David Banks, 2: Nareg Guregian, 3: Stephen Kasprzyk, Str: Brandon Shald, Cch: Bryan Volpenhein

5th Swan River Composite - Bow: Cameron Brewer [ANA], 2: Nick Wakeford [WARC], 3: Sam Hughes [WARC], Str: Brendan Murray [SwanR], Cch: Ross Martin, Jamie Jones, Jamie Hewlett

Scratched Team China - Bow: wei Jin, 2: dening Xu, 3: lin Zhang, Str: guoliang Zhang, 

Scratched Sydney University - Bow: Samuel Loch, 2: Francis Hegerty, 3: Matthew Ryan, Str: Fergus Pragnell, 


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