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Australian Rowing History

2012 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Huon/Tamar - Bow: Chloe Ranicar [TAMAR], 2: Stephanie Williams [TAMAR], 3: Eleni Kalimnios [HUON], Str: Mel Flanagan [HUON], Cch: Paul Newbon, Stuart Sayer

2nd Griffith Uni Surfers Paradise - Bow: Alice Buda [PINER], 2: Bronte Conachan [PINER], 3: Bianca Robinson [CAC], Str: Rosalind Cartmill [GUSP], Cch: Robert Thomason, Jenny Pemberton, Richard Paterson

3rd Swan River - Bow: Maegan Thompson, 2: Kate Woodall, 3: Zoe Thornton, Str: Lilly Tinapple, Cch: Michael Hinsley, Jamie Jones

4th Walford - Bow: Georja Osborne, 2: Hannah Jury, 3: Emma Brigden, Str: Meg Barnett, Cch: Vicky Spencer

5th Centenary/Tweed - Bow: Jo Whitfield [CENT], 2: Emily Carey [TWEED], 3: Pippa Robinson [CENT], Str: Bronty Morris [CENT], Cch: Michael Opstelten, Garry Annand

6th Walford - Bow: Claire Wilkinson, 2: Victoria Basedow, 3: Georgia Day, Str: Lauren Wearne, Cch: Vicky Spencer


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