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Australian Rowing History

2012 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Quadruple Scull

Final A




Final A

1st Sydney Uni Composite-AIS - Bow: Sarah Cook [SUBC], 2: Kerry Hore [NWNFK], 3: Kim Brennan [MUBC], Str: Brooke Pratley [SUBC], Cch: Lyall McCarthy

2nd Mercantile Composite-AIS - Bow: Amy Clay [MOSM], 2: Pippa Savage [UQBC], 3: Dana Faletic [LINDF], Str: Robyn Selby Smith [MERC], Cch: Jason Lane, Lyall McCarthy

3rd Huon Composite-AIS - Bow: Maia Simmonds [UWABC], 2: Hannah Every-Hall [DPSC], 3: Alice McNamara [MUBC], Str: Ella Flecker [HUON], Cch: Laryssa Biesenthal

Scratched Melbourne Uni Composite-AIS - Bow: Dana Faletic [LINDF], 2: Sarah Cook [SUBC], 3: Sarah Tait [MERC], Str: Phoebe Stanley [MUBC], Cch: Lyall McCarthy, Bill Tait


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