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Australian Rowing History

2012 National Rowing Championships–
Open Club Men's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st Adelaide Uni - Bow: Patrick Maddern, 2: Ned Kinnear, 3: Michael Shannon, Str: Alister Walsh, Cch: Tim Brew

2nd Melbourne Uni - Bow: Jordan Smith, 2: Sam Mason, 3: James Redhead, Str: Edward O'Bryan, Cch: Alex Henshilwood

3rd Sydney - Bow: Joshua Taylor, 2: Dominic McDonald, 3: Edward White, Str: Alexander Lazarou, Cch: Stephen Handley, Tom Morris

4th Melbourne - Bow: Courtney Date, 2: Jason Lont, 3: Andrew Hergott, Str: Ashley Campbell, Cch: John Chestney

5th Fremantle - Bow: Mathew Jones, 2: Aidan Dunnill, 3: Scott Duncan, Str: Patrick Brown, Cch: Chris Holliday


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