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Australian Rowing History

2011 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirl's Coxed Four

Final C






Final B







Final A







Final C

1st Wilderness - Bow: Emma Irving, 2: Morgan Price, 3: Rebecca Putna, Str: Sophie Kennett-Smith, Cox: Kate Beresford

2nd Pulteney - Bow: Anna Beer, 2: Megan Devenport, 3: Maddy Sexton, Str: Eliesa Morello, Cox: Madeleine Fry, Cch: Phil Blesing, Joanne Malcolm

3rd Loreto Normanhust - Bow: Grace Allen, 2: Genevieve Cassegrain, 3: Georgia Smith, Str: Julia Grant, Cox: Kate Whittaker, Cch: David Gely, Terry O'Hanlon

4th Scotch - Bow: Tessa Goodall, 2: Georgia Button, 3: Mandy Xie, Str: Isabella Ludbrook, Cox: Janine Zappia, Cch: Alexander Menz

5th Seymour - Bow: Isabel Martin, 2: April Taylor, 3: Maddy Alexander, Str: Maddie Hood, Cox: Jessie Mashado, Cch: Tom Hodkinson

Final B

1st Ballarat HS - Bow: Lilly Kerr, 2: Sarah Hawkes, 3: Gabrielle Radford, Str: Sarah Robinson, Cox: Stephanie Bilson, Cch: Peter Moon

2nd St Catherine's - Bow: Sam Hess, 2: Hilary Moutia, 3: Natasha Hiscock, Str: Luciana Darling, Cox: Pira Marshall, Cch: John Reddaway, Madeleine Shackell

3rd Loreto College - Bow: Stef Seeary, 2: Taylah Blake, 3: Cassie James, Str: Bec Young, Cox: Claudia Griffin, Cch: Matthew Carroll

4th Redlands - Bow: Claire Rowe, 2: Alex Pilat, 3: Kaitlin Isaac, Str: Holly McCudden, Cox: Isobel Fraser, Cch: Richard Allsop, Jessica Wickenden

5th Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Annelise Corey, 2: Harriet Hain, 3: Briony Wills, Str: Sarah Hanney, Cox: Jacqueline Hayes, Cch: Crina Dihel

6th Perth College - Bow: Emilie Huggins, 2: Emma Randell, 3: Adrienne Coombes, Str: Chrissy James, Cox: Riley Buchanan, Cch: Mark James

Final A

1st Lauriston GS - Bow: Sarah McGlashan, 2: Fiona Kerr, 3: Grace Mead, Str: India McKenzie, Cox: Lily Lowenstern, Cch: Sam Hutchison, Tom Abramowski

2nd Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Emily Maher, 2: Sophie Gibson, 3: Katrina Werry, Str: Jess Stepnell, Cox: Tilly Graovac, Cch: Ross Henderson, Bruce Sarah

3rd Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Maddie Fry, 2: Kate Lawrence, 3: Emily Wilkie, Str: Annie Armstrong, Cox: Charleton Glenn, Cch: Bill Gribble

4th Somerville - Bow: Denai Rex, 2: Sarah Kennedy, 3: Samantha Sheehan, Str: Laura Healy, Cox: Jessica O'Brien, Cch: Andrew Burke, Oleg Shishkin, Andrew McNicol

5th Walford - Bow: Hannah Jury, 2: Georgia Day, 3: Alexandra Brown, Str: Alicia Sexton, Cox: Isabella Milazzo, Cch: James Martin, Vicky Spencer, Kirrily Martin

6th Lauriston GS - Bow: Georgina Wallis, 2: Madeleine Buckland, 3: Emily Vile, Str: Stephanie Parsons, Cox: Bryony Schmidt


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