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Australian Rowing History

2011 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Somerville - Bow: Isabelle Lindores, 2: Samantha Davidson, 3: Julia Salisbury, Str: Elizabeth Murdoch, Cox: Sophie O'Brien, Cch: Andrew McNicol, Andrew Burke, Oleg Shishkin

2nd Lower Clarence Composite - Bow: Sarah Kitcher [GFTHS], 2: Courtney Barber [NESK], 3: Penny Elvery [LWRCL], Str: Rachael Anderson [LWRCL], Cox: Camille Moore [NEWGR], Cch: Kerry Dawkins, Betty Bogdanek, John Kincade

3rd Centenary Composite - Bow: DAISy Stubberfield [GUSP], 2: Emily Carey [TWEED], 3: Rosalind Cartmill [GUSP], Str: Pippa Robinson [CENT], Cox: Hayley Schmalkuche [GUSP], Cch: Garry Annand, Jenny Pemberton, Michael Opstelten

4th Hunter Valley Grammar - Bow: Rebecca Humphris, 2: Llewellyn Thomas, 3: Chloe Hutchinson, Str: Aimee Hill, Cox: Katherine Scriven, Cch: Sarah Ellis

5th Bris GPS - Bow: Leonor Gausachs, 2: Charlotte James, 3: Alice Feez, Str: Lauryn Gaunt, Cox: Holly Malyon, Cch: Peter Hicks

6th Nepean - Bow: Xanthe Gorbach, 2: Tallara Tuckerman, 3: Caitlin Riley, Str: Bianca Waddell, Cox: Erin Clarke, Cch: Robin Smith, Lindsay Callaghan, Neil Holmes


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