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Australian Rowing History

2011 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st ANA Composite - Bow: Olivia Brusasco [UQBC], 2: Francesca Paterson [UQBC], 3: Hannah Vermeersch [WARC], Str: Ashleigh Miles [ANA], Cch: Bec Sattin

2nd Mercantile - Bow: Bec Daniher, 2: Michelle Yann, 3: Katrina Bateman, Str: Madeleine Shackell, Cch: David Colvin

3rd Commercial/Uni Of Qld - Bow: Jenny Krippner [UQBC], 2: Leah Billing [COMM], 3: Charlotte Travers [COMM], Str: Hannah O'Loughlin [COMM], Cch: Peter Toon, Andrew Cruickshank, John Bowes

4th Grafton/Sydney University-WAIS - Bow: Beatrix Sheldrick [SUBC], 2: Greta Beale [SUBC], 3: Johanna Tarrant [GRFTN], Str: Sarah Jones [GRFTN], Cch: Gonzalo Briones, Colin Lang

5th Melbourne Uni/Uni Of Qld - Bow: Lucy Stephan [MUBC], 2: Stephanie Krippner [UQBC], 3: Emma Webley [MUBC], Str: Madeleine Thomas [MUBC], Cch: Pete Kupcis

Scratched Adelaide Uni Composite - Bow: Alexandra Hagan [BRC], 2: Renee Chatterton [ADLUN], 3: Olympia Aldersey [ADEL], Str: Peta White [ADLUN], Cch: Jason Lane


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