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Australian Rowing History

2011 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Coxless Pair

Final A




Final A

1st Melbourne Uni/Mercantile-VIS - Bow: Sarah Tait [MERC], Str: Phoebe Stanley [MUBC], Cch: Lizzie Patrick, Bill Tait

2nd Mercantile-VIS - Bow: Kate Hornsey, Str: Pauline Frasca, Cch: Lizzie Patrick, Bill Tait

3rd Melbourne Uni - Bow: Emma McCarthy, Str: Sophie Robson, Cch: Pete Kupcis

Scratched Swans/Fremantle - Bow: Julia Dick [FRC], Str: Natalie Bale [SRRC], Cch: Glen Loftus, Lincoln Handley, Chris Holliday


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