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Australian Rowing History

2011 National Rowing Championships–
Open Club Men's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st Banks - Bow: Matthew Ridgeway, 2: Tim Masters, 3: James Redhead, Str: Jack Macciolli, Cch: Nicholas Lloyd

2nd Power House - Bow: Nicholas Andreou, 2: Drew Holman, 3: Conrad Tulloch, Str: Shane O'Connor-Smith

3rd University Of WA - Bow: Tom Atkinson, 2: Dave Dennis, 3: Alexander Payne, Str: Tom Meares, Cch: Casey Cobb, Rolland Warren

4th Adelaide - Bow: Alexander Silz, 2: Thomas Stewart, 3: Georg Fuchs, Str: Dennis Hartung

5th Canberra - Bow: Joseph Gubler, 2: Gerard Kennedy, 3: James Edwards, Str: Michael Cusack, Cch: Chris Polyichanin


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