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Australian Rowing History

2010 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Bunbury Composite-AIS - Bow: Maddie Edmunds [COMM], 2: Jessica Hall [BGPS], 3: Amy Fowler [CANB], Str: Alexandra Hagan [BRC], Cch: Anna Tree

2nd Commercial/Toowong - Bow: Charlotte Travers [COMM], 2: Fiona Albert [COMM], 3: Anna Kaszycki [TOOW], Str: Hannah O'Loughlin [COMM], Cch: John Bowes, Susan Shakespear

3rd Canberra Composite - Bow: Alison Smith [NEPN], 2: Christabelle Northam [ANU], 3: Sorelle Bowman [CANB], Str: Emma Cook [CANB], Cch: Lindsay Callaghan, Gordon Marcks

4th Banks - Bow: Alexandra Brown, 2: Flick Harrison, 3: Rosie Popa, Str: Michelle Yann, Cch: David Ochert

5th ANA Composite - Bow: Chloe O'Regan [SUBC], 2: Emma Costello [SUBC], 3: Georgia Baker [UWABC], Str: Ashleigh Miles [ANA], Cch: David Milne, James Macartney

6th Sydney - Bow: Bryony Gerofi, 2: Sarah Handley, 3: Sam Doyle, Str: Kelli Stride, Cch: Gary Robertson


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