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Australian Rowing History

2010 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Eight

Final A




Final A

1st Mercantile - Bow: Sarah Tait, 2: Bec Daniher, 3: Joanna Gray, 4: Madeleine Shackell, 5: Pauline Frasca, 6: Robyn Selby Smith, 7: Emily Martin, Str: Kate Hornsey, Cox: Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Cch: David Colvin

2nd Melbourne Uni/Adelaide Uni - Bow: Alice McNamara [MUBC], 2: Jessica Hill [MUBC], 3: Alison Crowe [MUBC], 4: Sylvie Withers [MUBC], 5: Sophie Robson [MUBC], 6: Laura Osti [ADLUN], 7: Kim Brennan [MUBC], Str: Phoebe Stanley [MUBC], Cox: Lizzie Patrick [MUBC]

3rd Sydney University Composite - Bow: Renee Kirby [SUBC], 2: Charlotte Walters [SUBC], 3: Natalie Bale [MERC], 4: Amber Webster (Bradley) [PRC], 5: Brooke Pratley [SUBC], 6: Kerry Hore [NWNFK], 7: Sarah Cook [SUBC], Str: Sally Kehoe [SUBC], Cox: Alison Williams [SUBC], Cch: Mark Prater, James Macartney, Lincoln Handley


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