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Australian Rowing History

2010 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxed Four

Final A





Final A

1st Sydney University - Bow: Edward Alexander, 2: Alistair Matthews, 3: Fergus Pragnell, Str: William Buckland, Cox: Toby Lister, 

2nd Melbourne Uni - Bow: Jeremy Laronze, 2: Mathias Greffioz, 3: Ian Mitchell, Str: Thomas Kimmel, Cox: David Webster, Cch: Ben Delaney

3rd WARC - Bow: Michael Stott, 2: Nick Wakeford, 3: Zak Campbell, Str: Sam Hughes, Cox: Anna Sim, Cch: Jacki Morrell

4th Mercantile - Bow: Jack Ryan, 2: Darcy Frawley, 3: Michael Treppo, Str: James Redhead, Cox: Maddie Wood, Cch: Anthony Barton, David Fraumano, Simon Harrison


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