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Australian Rowing History

2009 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Lightweight Women's Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st St George Comp.-NSWIS - Bow: Katharine McKeever [UTS], 2: Laura Dunn [UTS], 3: Alison Smith [NEPN], Str: Jacky Peile [STGEO], Cch: Lindsay Callaghan, Stephen Luker, Ellen Randell

2nd Sth Grafton HS Composite - Bow: Emma Thompson [LWRCL], 2: Eve Mure [HUON], 3: Annabelle Gibson [TAMAR], Str: Steffanee Colgrave [SGRAF], Cch: Paul Newbon, Colin Lang, John Kincade

3rd Commercial - Bow: Clare White, 2: Rebecca Cuss, 3: Claire Chapman, Str: Simone Huber, Cch: John Bowes, Peter Toon, Elizabeth Salisbury

4th Torrens Composite - Bow: Edwina Munns-Cook [ADLUN], 2: Christie Shanahan [ADLUN], 3: Mieka Webb [ADEL], Str: Anna Collins [TORR], Cch: Victoria Spencer, Zoltan Shepherd, Anna Tree

5th ANA/Bunbury - Bow: Nicole Depiazzi [BRC], 2: Melissa James [ANA], 3: Tamsyn Roberts [BRC], Str: Alexandra Hayes [ANA], Cch: Jamie Jones, Michael Quinn

6th Buckingham/North Esk - Bow: Belinda Clarke [BRC], 2: Natalie Shelton [NESK], 3: Trudy Phibbs [BRC], Str: Renee Britton [BRC], Cch: Neil Stump


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