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Australian Rowing History

2009 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Quadruple Scull

Final A





Final A

1st Banks Composite-AIS/QAS - Bow: Megan Bagworth [UWABC], 2: Sarah Eke [BGPS], 3: Emma McCarthy [COMM], Str: Lisa Szatsznajder [BANKS], Cch: Lyall McCarthy, Tom Westgarth

2nd Melbourne Uni-VIS - Bow: Sophie Robson, 2: Sylvie Withers, 3: Yasmin Burraston, Str: Alice McNamara, Cch: Ian Wright

3rd Uni Of Qld-QAS - Bow: Alison Scobbie, 2: Nicole Constable, 3: Suzanne Brown, Str: Kimberley Brown, Cch: Richard Fryer, Zoltan Shepherd

4th St George Composite - Bow: Laura Honson [UNSW], 2: Kate Darke [STGEO], 3: Brynne Allen [UTS], Str: Anna O'Brien [STGEO], Cch: Stephen Luker, David Gely, Ellen Randell

Scratched Sydney Uni/Murray Bridge - Bow: Anna McRae [MBRC], 2: Elizabeth Kell [SUBC], 3: Sarah Cook [SUBC], Str: Sally Kehoe [SUBC], Cch: Phillip Bourguignon, Zoltan Shepherd

Scratched Mercantile - Bow: Jennifer Matthies, 2: Amanda Nickson, 3: Carley McKay, Str: Joanna Gray, Cch: David Colvin


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