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Australian Rowing History

2008 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Quad Scull

Final A






Final A

1st Sth Grafton HS Composite - Bow: Emma Thompson [LWRCL], 2: Johanna Tarrant [GFTHS], 3: Sarah Jones [GFTHS], Str: Steffanee Colgrave [SGRAF], Cch: Harold Kratz, Colin Lang

2nd ANA Composite - Bow: Hannah Jansen [ANA], 2: Kate Hawkins [SRRC], 3: Alexandra Hagan [BRC], Str: Ashleigh Miles [ANA], Cch: David Milne, Jamie Jones

3rd Pymble Ladies - Bow: Kaitlin Honson, 2: Katrina Garrett, 3: Veronica Dowling, Str: Michelle Battersby, Cch: Gillian Campbell, Mark Campbell

4th Torrens/Pulteney - Bow: Joanne Malcolm [PG], 2: Mary Connelly [TORR], 3: Jessica Molsher-Jones [TORR], Str: Peta White [TORR], Cch: Anna Tree, Andrew Butler

5th Centenary Composite - Bow: Simone Huber [BGPS], 2: Karla Dexter [BUND], 3: Caitlin McConnel [COMM], Str: Maddie Morrow [CENT], Cch: Christopher White

Scratched Canberra Girls Gram Com.. - Bow: Sorelle Bowman [SHOAL], 2: Ailie McDonald [CLRC], 3: Amy Fowler [CANB], Str: Veronica Tamsitt [CGGS], Cch: Tom Westgarth, Simon Leonard, Gordon Marcks


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