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Australian Rowing History

2008 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Eight

Final A





Final A

1st Toowong Composite - Bow: Phillipa Lindley [COMM], 2: Hannah O'Loughlin [COMM], 3: Emma Herron [TOOW], 4: Clare Gilbride [COMM], 5: Emma McCarthy [COMM], 6: Sascha Lahey [BGPS], 7: Sarah Eke [BGPS], Str: Rachael Gibson [TOOW], Cox: Ryan Mitchell [COMM], Cch: John Bowes, Greg Burley, Richard Paterson

2nd Sydney University - Bow: Ashleigh Peppernell, 2: Kate Beasley, 3: Ailsa Tremayne, 4: Natasha Bolsin, 5: Renee Kirby, 6: Emma Costello, 7: Charlotte Walters, Str: Chloe O'Regan, Cox: William Raven, Cch: Phil Bourguignon, Alan Bennett

3rd Sydney Uni Composite - Bow: Rebecca Trethewie [NESK], 2: Georgia Lowe [NEWC], 3: Rachael See [LWRCL], 4: Beatrix Sheldrick [DRC], 5: Sophie Coolican [SUBC], 6: Lucy Marshall [SUBC], 7: Alexandra Handley [SUBC], Str: Lauren Sedgman [SUBC], Cox: Nell Duly [SUBC]

4th Melbourne University - Bow: Claire Lang, 2: Caroline Scott, 3: Alexandra Hill, 4: Jessica Hill, 5: Gina Hicks, 6: Jen Bailey, 7: Sarah Tubb, Str: Claire Bowtell, Cox: Felicity Lawrence, Cch: Peter Kupcis


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