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Australian Rowing History

2008 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Quad Scull

Final A






Final A

1st University Qld Composite - Bow: Sasha Belonogoff [GRC], 2: Tom Cox [COMM], 3: Chris Anderson [UQBC], Str: Scott Laidler [UQBC], Cch: Alan Bromiley, Andrew Cruickshank

2nd Mersey Composite - Bow: Riley Owen [CLRC], 2: Alexander Williams [MERS], 3: Nicholas Barnier [CGS], Str: Taylor Wilczynski [MERS], Cch: Gordon Marcks, Robert Williams

3rd Renmark/Adelaide - Bow: Liam Gotley [ADEL], 2: Max Tonkin [ADEL], 3: Tom Sullivan [RRC], Str: Sam Gallard [RRC], Cch: Andrew Butler

4th Canberra Grammar - Bow: Peter McColl, 2: James Hart, 3: Anthony Tridgell, Str: Sam Lawrence

5th Footscray Composite - Bow: Will Day [NRC], 2: Jacob Manifold [RCHMD], 3: Josh Haynes [FTSCY], Str: Max Valentine-van Dijk [FTSCY], Cch: Tony Lawless, Sue Chong, Neil Lodding

Scratched Cathedral School - Bow: Paul Mahlouzirdes, 2: Jordan Depledge-Smith, 3: Julian Musumeci, Str: Daniel Woolley, Cch: Stephan Muhlenberg


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