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Australian Rowing History

2007 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Quad Scull

Final A






Final A

1st Sydney University - Bow: Kate Beasley [UQBC], 2: Chloe O'Regan [PYMB], 3: Charlotte Walters [HUON], Str: Renee Kirby [SUBC], Cch: Alan Bennett, Phillip Bourguignon

2nd Banks Rc/Melbourne Rc (VIS) - Bow: Carley McKay [BANKS], 2: Claire Szatsznajder [FRBGR], 3: Sarah Hawe [MELB], Str: Lisa Szatsznadjer [BANKS], Cch: Brenton Terrell

3rd Uni Of Qld/St George/Tweed - Bow: Kate Darke [STGEO], 2: Alison Scobbie [UQBC], 3: Martina Smidt [TWEED], Str: Kimberley Brown [UQBC], 

4th Huon/Tamar - Bow: Laura Morris [SDBAY], 2: Nadia Gehrich [HUON], 3: Ailsa Tremayne [HUON], Str: Elizabeth French [TAMAR], Cch: Paul Newbon

5th CRC/BMRC - Bow: Jodie Groothoff [BMRC], 2: Zoe Hare [BMRC], 3: Lauren Burraston [CANB], Str: Winkworth Clare [CANB]


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