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Australian Rowing History

2007 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st Banks Rowing Club - Bow: Stephen Battaglia, 2: Shane Jackson, 3: Chris Bush, Str: Travis Chiuchiarelli, Cch: Richard Bartlett

2nd Prince Alfred/Adelaide - Bow: Owen Girardi [ADEL], 2: James Admiraal [PAC], 3: Alastair Murray [PAC], Str: Lewis Roberts [PAC], Cch: Zoltan Shepherd, Daren Potts

3rd Scotch College - Bow: Joshua Booth, 2: John Syme, 3: Peter Cooper, Str: Stuart Alexander, Cch: Jeff Watt

4th TJCU/Cathedral - Bow: Shannon Willis [CATHQ], 2: Ben Armstrong [CATHQ], 3: Robert Skeat [TOWNS], Str: Scott Veitch [TOWNS], Cch: Chic Graham

5th St George Rowing Club - Bow: Karl Finnerty, 2: Christopher Stone, 3: Sebastien McCulloch, Str: Jordan McCulloch, Cch: Ron Batt


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