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Australian Rowing History

2007 National Rowing Championships–
Open Lightweight Men's Double Scull

Final A





Final A

1st Sydney University Boat Club (NSWIS) - Bow: Chris Ritchie, Str: Oliver Zuk, Cch: David Rodger, Phillip Bourguignon

2nd Sydney/Leichhardt - Bow: Ben Johnson [LEICH], Str: Simon Nola [SRC], Cch: John Bowes, Frank Thorn

3rd Melbourne Uni BC/ANU - Bow: Mack Wilcox [MUBC], Str: Daniel Coombes [ANU]

4th Mercantile Rc/St George - Bow: Thomas Warren [STGEO], Str: Steven Macek [MERC], Cch: Tom Courtney, Ron Batt


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