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Australian Rowing History

2006 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Eight

Final A







Final A

1st Ecu Perth/UWABC/ANA/Swans/Pymble - Bow: Emily Rose [UWABC], 2: Morag McCallum [ANA], 3: Georgia Baker [PRC], 4: Brittany Mann [SRRC], 5: Amy Suckling [PRC], 6: Olivia Gardner [SRRC], 7: Alexandra Hayes [ANA], Str: Chloe Smith [PRC], Cox: Josephine Hendy [PYMB], Cch: Mike Quinn, Gonzalo Briones

2nd Toowong Rowing Club - Bow: Rebecca Stevens, 2: Catherine Hiley, 3: Kirstin White, 4: Megan Farr, 5: Brittany Downes, 6: Rachael Gibson, 7: Gabrielle Hall, Str: Elizabeth Clouston, Cox: Lissa Lyons, Cch: Andrew Service, David Cupit

3rd Leichhardt Rowing Club - Bow: Kristina Scott, 2: Sarah Hedges, 3: Sophie Vohralik, 4: Jessica Dalton, 5: Nina Dowling, 6: Angela Boustred, 7: Sam Doyle, Str: Alicia Boehm, Cox: Nell Duly, Cch: Richard Hallett, Gillian Campbell

4th Wilderness School - Bow: Rebecca Heah, 2: Elizabeth Harbison, 3: Mallory Rawlings, 4: Amelia Hayes, 5: Courtney McDonald, 6: Marie Floridis, 7: Zoe Dempster, Str: Edwina Munns-Cook, Cox: Skye Findlay, Cch: Sally Newmarch, Andrew Stunell

5th Pembroke School - Bow: Sarah Moran, 2: Alex Daniel, 3: Rebecca Paxton, 4: Phillipa Danson, 5: Georgina Mills, 6: Alice Nankivell, 7: Claire Oliver, Str: Katie Hubbard, Cox: Nicola Michell, Cch: Bob Russell, Cameron Sanderson-Brewster

6th Banks Rowing Club - Bow: Penny Angelatos, 2: Georgina Box, 3: Kate Bowring, 4: Michelle Yann, 5: Monique Portelli, 6: Angelica Lidgard, 7: Kate McLean, Str: Claire Bowtell, Cox: Caitlin Bice, Cch: Pam Westendorf


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