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Australian Rowing History

2006 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st Swans/Ecu Perth/ANA/UWABC - Bow: Georgia Baker [PRC], 2: Morag McCallum [ANA], 3: Emily Rose [UWABC], Str: Brittany Mann [SRRC], Cch: Mike Quinn, Gonzalo Briones

2nd Toowong Rowing Club - Bow: Gabrielle Hall, 2: Rachael Gibson, 3: Brittany Downes, Str: Elizabeth Clouston, Cch: David Cupit

3rd Torrens/Murray Bridge - Bow: Georgia Bain [TORR], 2: Emma Zwar [TORR], 3: Jessica McRae [MBRC], Str: Alana Monson [TORR], Cch: Phil Blesing, Ron Mobbs, Andrew Butler

4th Somerville House - Bow: Rachel Syme, 2: Ashleigh North, 3: Sally Frend, Str: Emma Taylor, Cch: Hannah Every-Hall, Andrew McNeil, Tara Dreaver

5th St George/Nepean - Bow: Sarah Moses [NEPN], 2: Ellie Bawden [STGEO], 3: Jacky Peile [STGEO], Str: Kate Darke [STGEO], Cch: Ron Batt, Lindsay Callaghan

6th Mersey Rowing Club - Bow: Kinza Graham, 2: Tessa Campin, 3: Amanda Smith, Str: Alexandra Gott, Cch: Merv Tippett


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