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Australian Rowing History

2006 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st UTS/Sydney University - Bow: Katelyn Gray [UTS], 2: Renee Kirby [SUBC], 3: Yasmin L'Estrange [SUBC], Str: Verena Stocker [UTS], Cch: Alan Bennett

2nd Melbourne University Boat Club - Bow: Kim Brennan, 2: Sylvie Withers, 3: Katie Minogue, Str: Phoebe Stanley, Cch: Connie Vanderwerp, Cameron Muir

3rd New Norfolk/Huon - Bow: Charlotte Walters [HUON], 2: Jacqui Street [HUON], 3: Gemma Youl [NWNFK], Str: Elanna Wade [NWNFK], Cch: Roger Drummond

4th Mercantile Rc/Banks Rc - Bow: Claire Szatsznajder [MERC], 2: Siobhan Moran [MERC], 3: Carley McKay [BANKS], Str: Sarah Forbes [MERC], Cch: Brenton Terrell, David Ochert

5th Melbourne University Boat Club - Bow: Alison Crowe, 2: Jessie Smith, 3: Ariella Webb, Str: Sarah Lazar, Cch: Cameron Muir, Connie Vanderwerp

6th Uni Of Qld/Noosa/Surfers - Bow: Sascha Lahey [NOOSA], 2: Martina Smidt [GUSP], 3: Hannah Syme [UQBC], Str: Lauren Steinke [UQBC], Cch: Jo Weaver


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