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Australian Rowing History

2006 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Quadruple Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Melbourne Uni/Uni Of Qld/Mercantile - Bow: Sally Kehoe [UQBC], 2: Robyn Selby Smith [MERC], 3: Brooke Pratley [SUBC], Str: Catriona Sens [MUBC], Cch: Lyall McCarthy

2nd Sydney University/St George/CRC - Bow: Zoe Lynam [STGEO], 2: Sarah Cook [CANB], 3: Sonia Mills [CANB], Str: Elizabeth Kell [SUBC]

3rd New Norfolk Rowing Club (TIS) - Bow: Anna Browning, 2: Caryn Davies, 3: Claire Shield, Str: Kate Hornsey, Cch: Roger Drummond

4th Uni Of Qld/BMRC (ACTAS/QAS) - Bow: Kate Lord [BMRC], 2: Kate Clarkson [UQBC], 3: Roxy Botha [UQBC], Str: Suzanne Brown [UQBC], Cch: Jo Weaver

5th Melbourne Rc/Corio Bay/Melbourne - Bow: Birte Knaus [CORIO], 2: Rebecca Chisholm [CORIO], 3: Sassi McCarthy [MUBC], Str: Sarah Hawe [MELB]

6th Torrens/Murray Bridge/Adelaide Uni - Bow: Megan Crawford [MBRC], 2: Sally Causby [ADLUN], 3: Brooke Willshire [ADLUN], Str: Sally Newmarch [TORR]


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