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Australian Rowing History

2005 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolboys Coxed Quad Scull

Final B



Final A







Final B

1st Canberra Grammar - Bow: Michael Hill, 2: Steven Effrossynis, 3: Angus Kenyon, Str: Andreas Preiner, Cox: Michael Bartlett, Cch: John Absolon, Tony Green

2nd Hunter Valley Grammar - Bow: Jeremy Burns, 2: Samuel Killerby-Smith, 3: Alexander Smith, Str: Winston Smith, Cox: Veronica Smith, Cch: Margaret Mackenzie

Final A

1st Shore - Bow: James Reeves, 2: Nicholas Clydsdale, 3: Anthony Maslen, Str: Christopher Hannibal, Cox: Charles Thompson, Cch: David Jennings

2nd Kings - Bow: Timothy Alison, 2: Hamish Irvine, 3: Henry Mander, Str: Jackson Greentree, Cox: Mark Roddy, Cch: Chad King, Tim Williams

3rd St Patrick'S Tas - Bow: Jarrod Matthews, 2: Tom Summers, 3: William Rafferty, Str: Andrew Hadley, Cox: Shaun Reece, Cch: Barry Townsend

4th Pembroke School - Bow: James Hall, 2: David Danby, 3: Jack Berry, Str: Andrew Rofe, Cox: Laura Maschmedt, Cch: Tom Fraser

5th Rockhampton Grammar - Bow: Alan Reube, 2: Ben Stagg, 3: Jamie Keehn, Str: Jayden Coulston, Cox: Lewis Neal, Cch: Alan Bromiley

6th Lindisfarne Anglican - Bow: Griffin Ryan [LIND], 2: John Ryanb [LIND], 3: Callum Sawtell [MURW], Str: Shayne Herriott [LIND], Cox: Rhys Herriott [LIND], Cch: Reg Free


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