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Australian Rowing History

2005 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Commercial - Bow: Becky Norton, 2: Hannah O'Loughlin, 3: Clare Gilbride, Str: Rebecca Cuss, Cox: Sophie Woods, Cch: Chris White

2nd Leichhardt - Bow: Angela Boustred [LEICH], 2: Jessica Dalton [LEICH], 3: Sophie Vohralik [PYMB], Str: Sarah Handley [PYMB], Cox: Emma Winch [LEICH], Cch: Richard Hallett

3rd Murray Bridge - Bow: Casie Newell [MBHS], 2: Emily Martin [MBHS], 3: Kate Hollingworth [MBRC], Str: Jessica McRae [MBRC], Cox: Brook Newell [MBHS], Cch: Ron Mobbs

4th Bunbury - Bow: Jamie Fowler, 2: Caitlin Prosser, 3: Tenielle McGill, Str: Hannah Jones, Cox: John Hamel, Cch: Jamie Jones

5th Stuartholme - Bow: Catriona Rose, 2: Annabelle Bax, 3: Sarah Walsh, Str: Caitlin Barnes, Cox: Nicola Casswell, Cch: Honor Conrad, Richard Paterson

6th Northern Rivers Ra - Bow: Rachael See [LWRCL], 2: Ashleigh Adams [GFTHS], 3: Nicole West [MCAC], Str: Ashleigh Peppernell [SGRC], Cox: Steffanee Colgrave [SGRAF], Cch: Neil McKenzie, Harold Kratz


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