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Australian Rowing History

2005 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Four

Final A




Final A

1st Torrens/Murray Br - Bow: Kate Hollingworth [MBRC], 2: Emma Swar [TORR], 3: Annelise Johnston [TORR], Str: Jessica McRae [MBRC], Cch: Stani Slavova, Ron Mobbs

2nd Merc/MUBC/New Norflk - Bow: Elana Wade [NWNFK], 2: Jane Harding [NWNFK], 3: Jessie Smith [MERC], Str: Victoria Prowse [MERC], Cch: Tom Courtney, Roger Drummond

3rd University Of Wa/ANA - Bow: Alex Hayes [ANA], 2: Morag McCallum [ANA], 3: Jillian Richards [UWABC], Str: Fleur Coid [UWABC], Cch: David Milne


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