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Australian Rowing History

2005 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Men's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st Sydney University 1 - Bow: Patrick Wilson, 2: Christopher Clyne, 3: Fergus Pragnell, Str: Ian Allsop, Cch: Andrew Randell

2nd Uni Qld/Comm QAS - Bow: Ben Farrell, 2: David Nelson, 3: Graham Kolb, Str: Sebastian Harper, Cch: Joe Rodrigues

3rd Adelaide/Torrens - Bow: Brad Spiel, 2: Bryn Coudray, 3: Jarrod Shar, Str: Mitchell Oliver, Cch: Zoltan Shepherd

4th Mercantile/Melb Uni - Bow: Corey Hester [MERC], 2: Timothy Linke [MERC], 3: Thomas Paton [MUBC], Str: Keir McKenzie-McHarg [MUBC], Cch: Chris O'Brien, Tom Courtney

5th Uni Qld/Toowong - Bow: Kevin Pattison, 2: Henry Bryan, 3: Ben Groeneveld, Str: Rowan Leyden, Cch: Joe Rodrigues

6th Sydney University 2 - Bow: Terrence Alfred [SUBC], 2: Murdoch Gatti [STJOE], 3: Edward Boyce [SUBC], Str: Will Townsend [SUBC], Cch: Marty Rabjohns


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