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Australian Rowing History

2005 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxed Four

Final A






Final A

1st Swan River - Bow: James Gatti, 2: Jeremy Stevenson, 3: Mario Palmisano, Str: Peppe Devita, Cox: Matthew Higgins, 

2nd Melbourne Uni 1 - Bow: Jason Heard, 2: James Marburg, 3: Christian Ryan, Str: Karsten Forsterling, Cox: Marc Douez, Cch: Chris O'Brien

3rd Sydney Uni/UTS - Bow: Francis Hegerty [SUBC], 2: Thomas Chapman [UTS], 3: James Chapman [UTS], Str: Matthew Ryan [SUBC], Cox: Marty Rabjohns [KINGS], Cch: Andrew Randell, Tim McLaren

4th Adelaide Uni - Bow: Adrian Oest, 2: Cameron SandersonBrewster, 3: Alexander Worthington, Str: Alister Walsh, Cox: Tom Game, Cch: Roger Moore

5th Sydney/Canberra Grammar - Bow: Adrian Webster, 2: Bruce Hick, 3: Jaime Fernandez, Str: Nigel Collins, Cox: Camilla Mather, Cch: Brett Hayman

Scratched Uni Qld/Toowong QAS - Bow: Randall Martin, 2: Shaun Coulton, 3: Bruce Magee, Str: Ben McGeachie, Cox:  Tba, Cch: Tim Conrad


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