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Adelaide Rowing Club - The First Hundred Years

A Narrative History 1882-1982 - Compiled by R W Richardson


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Help in various forms is hereby acknowledged from the following persons -

C. Amiel H.A. Ledger
B.P. Bishop H.V. Menz
K. Buys W.J. Menz
R.D. Clark R. Prescott
P.M. Cudmore Marie K. Richardson
H. Duncan C.E. Runge
H. Gosse H.I. Sabey
L.T. Grummet D. Sarah
G. Hebblewhite J.T. Sheppard
D.C. Howie J. Stephenson
R.E. Hudson W.H. Stephenson
L.A. Jamieson R. Turnbull
E.P. Jarman N.W. Winter
'Bub' Jarvis  
The staff of the Archives of the Public Library of SA
Material from the late J.M. Jay and the Late A.J. Grayson has been included.

Chapter one page 1 2 3

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