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1996 Australian University Championships—
Lake Burley Griffin Canberra ACT

These were the first Championships held as part of the Australian University Games (AUG). Rowing had previously had an annual regatta seperate from the University Games. The rowing was held over the 1800 metre course in Canberra. The AUG had their opening ceremony on 29th September with heats on Wednesday, repechages and semi final on Thursday and finals on Friday.

Unfortunately few results from this regatta are available to the author at this time. These will be added when available.


Hosts: Australian Universities in conjunction with ANUBC, ADFA, and ACTRA.

Men's Scull

Time: 6:53.19

1st Griffith University - Anthony Kearns

Other Scullers included:
Sydney University - Sinclair Taylor

Men's Double Scull

Time: 6:16.65

1st Sydney University - Bow: Finghan Murray, Str: Sinclair Taylor

Men's Pair

Time: 6:42.46

1st Macquarie University - Richard Toepfer, Str: Alistair Gordon
2nd University of Tasmania - Bow: Stuart Poole, Str: Rob Grant

Other c rews included:
Sydney University - Bow: Matt Souter, Str: Adam Woodward

Men's Four

Time: 5:59.68

1st University of Technology Sydney - James Stewart, Stewart Welsh, Michael Parkes, Charles Done, Cox: Matt O'Callaghan

Crews included:
Sydney University - Bow: Greg Davoren, 2: Phillip Lumsedaine, 3: Nick Taylor, Str: Sinclair Taylor, Cox: Alex Wilcox

Men's Eight

Time: 7:10.11

1st University of Technology Sydney - Charles Done, James Stewart, Michael Parkes, Neville Phillips, Sam Mower, Stewart Welsh, Tom McCann, Andrew Hourigan, Cox: Matt O'Callaghan
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Adam Woodward, 2: Michael Burke, 3: Finghan Murray, 4: Mark Hudson, 5: Ed Palmisano, 6: Henry Lance, 7: Alex Headley, Str: Michael Wiseman, Cox: Lachlan Mosley

Men's Lightweight Scull

Time: 6:52.00

1st Melbourne University - Andrew Broadfoot

Other scullers included:
Sydney University - Uldis Clarson

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6:30.11

1st Sydney University - Bow: Peter Phillip, 2: Uldis Clarsen, 3: Alex Headley, Str: Michael Wiseman, Cox: Lachlan Mosely, Coach : Simon Pennington

Women's Sculls

Time: 7:17.34

1st Western Sydney University - Chris Gosling

Women's Double Scull

Time: 7:01.67

1st University of Technology Sydney - Heidi Little & Jenny Luff

Women's Pair

Time: 7:01.64

1st University of Technology Sydney - Marina Hatzakis, Jenny Luff

Women's Four

Time: Unknown

1st University of Technology Sydney - Claire Consadine, Heidi Little, Jenny Luff, Nicole Trimbrell, Marina Hatzakis

Women's Eight

Time: 6:23.3

1st Adelaide University - Angela Harris, Emma Southcott, Hayley Bignall, Julie Hoffman, Kate Slatter, Melli Murcott, Natalie Johnston, Natasha Vassos, Sally Haynes

Women's Lightweight Scull

Time: 7:57.08

1st Sydney University - Bronwyn Watson

Women's Lightweight Four

Time: 7:02.44

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Alice Hume, 2:Cathy Knight, 3: Georgie Costello, Str: Jillian Burston, Cox: Kathy Horne

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